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News for week ending 27 July

This week’s theme is short-termism, bad for equity markets, pension fundsĀ and companies but good for happiness…?


Pensions Arena August 2012

August’s Pensions Arena contains all the usual financial and investment analysis for the quarter ending 30 June 2012, presented in the bac Dashboard.

This quarter we include an extract from our recent Pensions Perspective “Liability management & capital market solutions – what next?” where Leonard Bowman explores what the current financial and regulatory landscape means for a company considering the range of options for managing its defined benefit liabilities.


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News for week ending 20 July

A mixed bag this week, peppered with some startling statistics!



News for week ending 13 July

Nobody is finding pensions easy this week; the Government delays its white paper, the NAO isn’t happy with the Regulator andĀ even the Norwegians are having problems.


Good practice for ETV and PIE exercises

In June 2012 there were two important developments that will profoundly impact the design and implementation of Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV) and Pension Increase Exchange (PIE) exercises. This Briefing summarises these developments and their implications for future liability exercises.


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