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Regulator not so trigger happy

Pensions World, September 2012 by Leonard Bowman

Considers some potentially far reaching changes to how the Regulator will scrutinise scheme funding valuations…

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News for week ending 21 September

The theme of the week is uncertainty, with ONS announcing it will consult on potentially significant changes to how RPI is constructed whilst the Government appears to be having second-thoughts about its radical reform of state pensions. Meanwhile the DWP has enlisted some “celebrity” bosses to raise awareness of AE!


News for week ending 14 September

Auto enrolment starts to roll, the US tries more QE and pension deficits fall slightly again.


News for week ending 7 September

A quiet week with a theme of ‘no change’…


News for week ending 31 August

Two weeks worth of news covering QE, pension deficits, plan design and enhanced annuity buy-ins.


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