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News for week ending 26 October

Some rare good news this week!


Pensions Arena November 2012

November’s Pensions Arena contains all the usual financial and investment analysis for the quarter ending 30 September 2012, presented in the bac Dashboard.

This quarter we include an extract from our recent Pensions Perspective, “Solvency II for pensions – how to prepare for the worst” where Andrew Udale-Smith considers what a Solvency II regime for pensions might mean in practice and discusses how companies can sensibly prepare for the worst.


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News for week ending 19 October

Lots of news this week from the NAPF’s annual conference in Liverpool and beyond.


News for week ending 12 October

A mathematician’s delight this week with formulae and graphs galore from the ONS, tPR, IMF and OECD, the last two contradicting each other nicely.


News for week ending 5 October

It was a week of major pension developments, with AE starting, Solvency II for pensions carrying on and GMP equalisation, unfortunately, proving not to be dead! Meanwhile the Regulator’s Chairman made some refreshing comments about trustees not needing to be “recklessly prudent”.