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The F word!

Pensions World, September 2013, by Andrew Udale-Smith

Companies facing 2013 valuations need their trustees to follow the Regulator’s lead and embrace flexibility

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News for week ending 27 September

Royal Mail offers pension change concessions to the unions, whilst the flow of completed buy-ins and outs continues apace.


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Good governance makes good sense

For many companies, getting the right governance structure for pensions is something of a holy grail. Often, it has been seen as too difficult to tackle but this is beginning to change. In this Pensions Perspective, Leonard Bowman looks at the reasons driving this change, considers what good governance looks like and suggests how you can improve your own. Although revamping your pension governance to make it fit for purpose can be a challenge, in practice even a few simple improvements to your current structure can have a significant impact.



News for week ending 20 September

For once mortality improvements are slower than had been expected, whilst the OFT unveils some significant reforms of the DC pensions market.



News for week ending 13 September

The DMO announces a new 55 year linker, whilst economic data remain positive.