Monthly Archives: July 2014

News for week ending 25 July

In a potentially game-changing week for retirement saving, the Government provided more details for its “Freedom and Choice in Pensions” changes, whilst the FCA published some worrying research into the quality of advice provided in ETV exercises.


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News for week ending 18 July

BT scheme retains its Crown Guarantee, CPI inflation is up 0.4% whilst on 21 July we expect the Government to clarify more details about its 2014 Budget changes.



Pensions Arena July 2014

July’s Pensions Arena contains all the usual financial and investment analysis for the quarter ending 30 June 2014, presented in the BAC Dashboard.

This quarter we also have an article with a case study illustrating how bac helped a client review their actuarial and investment fees, with particular reference to the valuation, “Don’t let your adviser take you for a ride!”


News for week ending 11 July

The Regulator confirms the slowness of its response to submitted valuations, whilst the MNOPF completes a £1.3 billion buy-out.



News for week ending 4 July

BT secures a £16 billion longevity swap, whilst the Law Commission clarifies trustees’ investment responsibilities.