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Going the distance (journey planning)

Pensions World, December 2014, by Leonard Bowman

Has journey planning finally come of age? Leonard Bowman, Bath Actuarial Consulting, looks at how companies are increasingly taking the lead in investment plan design.

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Governance – the “3am issues”

Whilst governance is often seen as a “tick box” process, a small number of key issues are increasingly keeping pension directors and chairs of trustees awake at night.

These “3am issues” may be unlikely to actually arise in practice, but if they did the consequences could be severe. In this Perspective Leonard Bowman looks at some of these issues and how they can be managed.

3am issues


News for week ending 21 November

The DWP publishes guidance for employers and trustees on the end of contracting-out, whilst the Pensions Regulator finally appoints a new chief executive.


News for week ending 14 November

Average earnings growth outstrips CPI inflation for the first time since the financial crisis began, whilst DB closure and bulk annuity transactions continue apace.


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News for week ending 7 November

Compulsory overtime counts as “normal remuneration”, tPR explains its role in Kodak rescue and UK Coal re-structuring, whilst Tate & Lyle uses contingent funding linked to investment performance and employer covenant.


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