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News for week ending 28 April

In this week’s news, the reduction in the MPAA has been dropped from the Finance Bill, the DWP has published an outcome to one consultation and launched another, whilst Jaguar Land Rover and Royal Mail look at changing one form of DB to another.


Pensions Arena April 2017

Pensions Arena

Our first Pensions Arena was published 5 years ago when we launched BAC. Since then the format has stayed pretty much the same and we have received many favourable comments on it and our other publications.

However, after 5 years, we felt it was time to ask our readers, through a short survey, what they liked and disliked about Pensions Arena, and how we could improve it. We were very encouraged to hear how many of you read and value it and have taken your suggestions for improvements on board.

April’s Pensions Arena contains all the usual financial and investment analysis for the quarter ending 31 March 2017, presented in a refreshed Dashboard. There is additional content in the Almanac with suggestions for actions by both Trustees and companies. We have taken out the results for a model scheme as it is now much harder to define a “typical” scheme.

We were pleased that the article continues to be read and appreciated. This quarter, our article “Take risk to heart” looks at the benefits for trustees of putting their risk register at the heart of how they run their scheme. How do you make your risk register not just fit for purpose but actually a valuable tool in the management of your scheme?

Finally, we continue to include a brief summary of the relevant pensions news headlines for the last quarter, both regulatory and company actions.

If you would like to follow up anything in this quarter’s Arena with a member of our senior staff, please get in touch, our contact details are here. And, if you took part in our survey, thank you, and we hope you like the new look!


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News for week ending 21 April

In this week’s news, the possible impact of the general election on the Finance Bill and two pre-pack administration stories.


News for week ending 13 April

In this week’s news, the unveiling of a pensions dashboard and a DWP consultation on transferring contracted-out rights, whilst the Menzies DB scheme closes and prepares for sectionalisation.



News for week ending 7 April

In this week’s news, DWP publishes cap on exit fees legislation, Regulator secures two convictions whilst BMW workers prepare to strike.