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‘Plus ça change…’ (Pensions Arena January 2018)

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

2017 was a year of great turbulence, both politically and economically, in the UK. And yet, from the perspective of those responsible for funding DB pension liabilities, surprisingly little seems to have changed. This quarter, our Arena article “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” takes a wry look back at some of the things that didn’t happen in quite the way that was expected over 2017, before taking stock of where this leaves us as we peer into the uncertainties of 2018.

change is constant

BAC Pensions Arena also includes a summary of the key legislative developments and company pensions news for the quarter October – December 2017. Our Almanac gives suggestions for governance and corporate actions under current market conditions. And, of course, all the usual financial and investment analysis for the quarter ending 31 December 2017 is presented in the BAC Dashboard.


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News for week ending 26 January

In this week’s news the Government is told to stop using RPI wherever legally possible, pension scammers are ordered to repay their victims, Barclays defends the plan for its DB scheme when it splits and TPR publishes its annual DC statistics.



News for week ending 19 January

In this week’s news Carillion goes bust, BT is barred from switching from RPI to CPI, DB closures come to academia whilst the DB White paper is delayed.


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News for week ending 12 January

In this week’s news the Regulator wins another legal case, a new DWP minister is appointed and the plumbing pension scheme stops sponsors leaving for a year.


News for fortnight ending 5 January

In this fortnight’s news a consultation on the bulk transfer of contracted-out benefits and the PPF agrees a deal with Toys R Us.