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News for week ending 29 June

In the news this week, the DWP consults on stronger powers for TPR, the FCA publishes the final report of its Retirement Outcomes Review, whilst the Government is looking again at how net pay and tax relief at source work.


Working hand in glove

Funding valuations have often been a source of conflict, or at least robust negotiation, between companies and trustees. However, a small but growing number of companies are finding that working hand in glove with their trustees not only means a smoother valuation process but also leads to more effective funding and investment decisions.

smallglovewebphotoIn this Pensions Perspective, Andrew Udale-Smith looks at how this relatively new model of working together has come about and explains why it can often make good sense from the sponsoring employer’s perspective. Andrew suggests that, although some may protest that hand in glove was the way companies and trustees used to work, before the Regulator and a scheme-specific funding regime arrived on the scene in 2005, in most cases, that was often a relationship in which the company called the shots and the trustees followed. The model Andrew discusses here is quite different.


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News for week ending 22 June

In the news this week, the DWP proposes strengthening trustees’ investment duties, the House of Lords investigates RPI and the volume of pension transfers remains at more than £10 billion per quarter.


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News for week ending 15 June

In the news this week, a ruling on the Pimlico Plumbers case, a buy-in financed with a corporate bond, some guidance from the PPF about CVA proposals and the possible end of an era at Equitable Life.



News for week ending 8 June

In the news this week, two restructuring stories – CVA proposals for House of Fraser and a possible RAA for Johnston Press – while the DWP publishes statistics showing the impact of auto-enrolment