Monthly Archives: August 2018

News for week ending 31 August

In the news this week, the Government proposes a crackdown on reckless corporate behaviour and a strengthening of the dividend payment framework, whilst a £271 million pensioner buy-in is completed.



News for week ending 24 August

In the news this week, the impact of a “no deal” Brexit on pension payments and the ACA raises concerns about some of the Government’s proposals for stronger Regulator powers.


News for week ending 17 August

In the news this week, regulators launch a new campaign against pension scams, the PPF proposes to weaken its valuation assumptions, the BHS2 scheme completes a buy-out as does the Menzies Pension Fund, with the latter being paid for in instalments.

News 17 Aug


News for week ending 10 August

In the news this week, the low level of the UK’s recent mortality improvements compares unfavourably with other countries, the Work and Pensions Committee launches an inquiry into pension costs, the Pensions Ombudsman orders reinstatement of DB pension benefits following a scam transfer and another University consults on changes to its DB scheme for non-academic staff.


News for week ending 3 August

In the news this week, a report from the FRC shows room for improvement in pension disclosures in company accounts, the ONS publishes a survey on wealth and assets and the bank base rate finally rises.