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News week ending 31 May

In the news this week TPR publishes its analysis of schemes whose funding valuation is due this year, an entire trustee board is replaced due to lack of competence and two Scottish airports face strike action over DB closure.


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News week ending 24 May

In the news this week HMRC announces further delays to its provision of GMP data, new investment cost disclosure templates are launched, a case at the CJEU could improve PPF benefits, a successful PIE exercise is run and M&S buys in again.


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ROOT and branch

ROOT & Branch tree WEBSITE

For a picture of bac’s approach to DB governance, imagine a flourishing tree. The root system is not usually visible but it’s crucial to the health of the whole tree. So too is the environment in which the tree lives, particularly the rain and sunlight that it needs to thrive.

In this Pensions Perspective, Andrew Udale-Smith aims to get to the ROOT of what makes for good governance for a DB scheme. The article looks at Risk management, the two branches of Organisational and Operational governance and the use of Technology. For a start, there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to governance, with each scheme and trustee board needing to develop an approach which works best for them…


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News week ending 17 May

In the news this week the DB funding code is delayed, a review of TPR has been published, John Lewis announces the closure of its DB scheme and the Court of Appeal decides a scheme’s historic pension increases were invalid.


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News week ending 10 May

In the news this week the Pensions Regulator has fined a professional trustee firm more than £100,000 for multiple breaches of pensions law, and the Government has revealed that the joint-regulator campaign ScamSmart has saved an estimated £33 million from scams.

News 10 May

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