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BAC is two years old

Bath Actuarial Consulting is two years old!

Founded by Andrew Udale-Smith and Leonard Bowman in May 2012, over the past two years bac has built a reputation for developing practical solutions to help companies manage their defined benefit pension liabilities, despite difficult economic conditions.


The F word!

Pensions World, September 2013, by Andrew Udale-Smith

Companies facing 2013 valuations need their trustees to follow the Regulator’s lead and embrace flexibility

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An emotional journey

Pensions World, February 2013, by Andrew Udale-Smith

Companies should approach pension change as a positive experience rather than as damage limitation…

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In defence of pension increase exchanges

Pensions Week, December 2012, by Andrew Udale-Smith

Funding valuations are tough in current market conditions – tough for the sponsor of a defined benefit plan and for the trustees…

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Regulator not so trigger happy

Pensions World, September 2012 by Leonard Bowman

Considers some potentially far reaching changes to how the Regulator will scrutinise scheme funding valuations…

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