Bespoke websites


We design and deliver bespoke websites as part of the solution for wider projects.

Pension change

In addition to providing members with a pension modeller, our secure bespoke websites provide comprehensive support for the consultation and implementation stages of pension change exercises. These sites include:

  • a page providing answers to frequently asked questions from members
  • the ability to book a place at a member presentation
  • a library of all the publications produced about the proposed changes to benefits
  • dedicated areas of resource for those who are employee representatives in the consultation and/or for senior managers with responsibility for managing the project.

Managing advisers

Increasingly, trustees and sponsors are looking to improve the management of their advisers. Putting in place an effective framework for monitoring performance is not only in your interests but also helps the advisers as well. If you measure their performance on an objective and transparent basis, you enable an adviser to tailor their support to meet your needs better and to increase their chance of maintaining a long term relationship.

This may all sound great but, as many schemes have found, implementing a monitoring framework which is both practical and useful is far from straightforward.

At bac we have developed secure bespoke websites which support a smarter monitoring framework, with dedicated areas for the pensions team and, where relevant, the trustee board and the advisers themselves.

In addition, if you are undertaking a formal adviser review or issuing an invitation to tender for a project, we have a web-based solution that can support the process and help ensure it is managed in the most cost and time-effective way.