The concept is simple – mosaic puts you in control.

At bac, our philosophy is to equip your company with the capability it needs to drive both strategic decision-making and the implementation of projects. We focus our advice and support at the point where we can add the most value for you.

That’s why we have developed mosaic, our web-based software that equips you to carry out a wide range of modelling and feasibility analysis. It’s available to any company that chooses to work with us.

mosaic has multiple modules which, at the outset, we will set up with the necessary data from your company and pension plan.  The full range of modules enables you to design and understand the financial impact of changes being made in the following areas:

Liability management

  • pension change
  • ETVs
  • PIE
  • retirement options

Valuation negotiations

  • choice of assumptions
  • recovery plans
  • secondary funding target
  • asset strategy

mosaic allows you to model the impact of liability management options on your valuation negotiations, or to overlay their impact at a later date as part of a long term funding and investment plan.

In fact, mosaic helps you see the complete picture. This is nothing like it in the market.