Technology and particularly web-based applications are often positioned as the answer to every pensions problem. However, they can create a bewildering range of choices for companies, which sometimes leads to web technology being used for its own sake rather than because it’s the best solution.

At bac we are very careful about when we recommend a web-based solution. We only do so when we can demonstrate it will add real value to the project.

We do not have any “off the shelf” products, as these are rarely flexible enough to provide what a client needs. Instead our in-house web team designs and develops bespoke solutions to meet a client’s specific requirements. This means there are no compromises, no fudges and no trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!

You can find out more details of our web-based solutions by following the links below:

  • mosaic – equips a company to carry out a range of modelling and feasibility analysis itself, including pension change, liability management and valuation negotiations
  • pension modellers – enable members to understand their likely pension benefits and how the choices they make will affect them
  • bespoke websites – for helping manage a specific project, such as the consultation and implementation stages of a pension change exercise, or for providing a user-friendly framework to measure and manage the performance of your advisers.