Web-based pension modellers


Web-based technology such as a pension modeller can add real value in helping your scheme members understand what their pension benefits will look like in different future scenarios. This can be particularly important when:

  • undertaking a pension change project, with members facing a radical change to their benefits
  • senior employees are working through the implications of the lifetime and annual allowances
  • members with a mixture of DB and DC benefits want to plan for their retirement.

Our approach is different from many consultancies in that we do not offer a “one size fits all” web application. In the initial design phase, we seek to understand precisely what you want the pension modeller to show and help you think through how best to present those results to members. We also review the language and style of your previous employee benefit communications, so that we can give the modeller an appropriate look and feel.

In the development phase, we work closely with you to refine the design until it fully meets your specifications. We can also test the modeller on employee focus groups and, based on their feedback, make final refinements before going live.