Case studies


The low level of bond yields and continuing uncertainty over the global economy, together with many and varied legislative changes over the last few years, means that companies are facing unprecedented pressures on the funding, design and risk management of their defined benefit schemes. As a result, more companies than ever before are finding that they need to take specialist corporate advice.

bac has worked with a wide range of companies on a number of challenging projects. Here are some case studies from our first five years to give you a flavour of our expertise, delivered to our trademark fixed fee.

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Getting your governance right

Over the last four years bac has become one of the UK’s leading pension governance advisers. This was not an…
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Front foot works

Over the last four years bac has enjoyed solving an increasingly diverse set of problems for companies managing defined benefit…
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Valuation negotiations

A global manufacturer with a £1bn UK defined benefit (DB) scheme had, for a number of years, been following a…
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Redesigning pension benefits

A company in the consumer goods sector was keen to retain a DB pension design but needed to manage down…
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Implementing pension change

Based on feedback from a pension change consultation exercise, an industrial company decided that it would offer members of its final…
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Risk management

We are currently finding that several clients are struggling to establish a framework which enables the pensions director to work…
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