M&A / restructuring


Pensions-related issues can be one of the biggest obstacles to a company carrying out the corporate restructuring, acquisitions or disposals that are needed as part of its overall business strategy.  Not only are the issues more complex, but the regulatory framework is arguably more challenging to navigate than at any previous time.

However, as long as the pensions issues are identified early and appropriate mitigation strategies are developed, we believe that a company should still be able to achieve its strategic goals.

Our two senior actuaries have over 40 years’ experience of delivering M&A and corporate restructuring projects, having led on some multi-billion pound transactions in recent years.  We will work with you to

  • identify your objectives
  • carry out a risk analysis and identify barriers to success
  • set out the mitigation options
  • develop and support your negotiation strategy with relevant parties
  • guide you through the regulatory requirements and, where relevant, support you in regulatory discussions.