Amongst the many publications available online and in print in the pensions world, there are few with a truly corporate emphasis.  bac produces 3 regular publications and a weekly news summary, with the aim of bringing a distinctive corporate perspective to the discussion.

Pensions Arena

Pensions Arena is a quarterly publication designed for finance directors, HR directors and pensions managers. Its compact format pulls key indices, news and regulatory information together with topical comment and a pensions almanac to help keep you on the front foot in your pensions planning.

Pensions Perspective

Pensions Perspective is published approximately monthly and gives an in-depth, personal view on a topical issue from one of our senior team.

BAC Briefings

BAC Briefing is published as necessary to provide a short technical summary of a single topic.

Pensions news

Pensions news is a weekly summary of those pensions news items that are particularly relevant to the corporate reader.

In addition:

BAC in the news has our press releases, news stories and articles written by our senior team and published in the pensions press. Links to websites with more information which you may find useful can be found here.