Our company


bath actuarial consulting (bac)

bac is a boutique actuarial consultancy.  We specialise in leading-edge advice to companies. We help companies manage and discharge their pension liabilities in the most cost-effective way.

Launched in 2012, after extensive market research, we aimed to fundamentally change the corporate experience of working with pensions actuaries, through a different kind of relationship.  Our experience since launch has supported that initial vision and we now advise companies with pension commitments ranging from £50 million to more than £20 billion. In fact, we now advise some of the largest funds in the country.

We make sure that you only pay for our advice and support where we can add genuine expertise and value.  We operate a transparent and fixed fee pricing structure.  You can read more in our approach.

So why are we called Bath Actuarial Consulting?  There’s the obvious reason that, although we work nationally, Bath is our home base.  It’s also because we identify with Bath itself – it’s a small but well-appointed city, with history and style!

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